Golden Yolk Layer Econo pellets

Denver Golden Yolk Layer Econo pellets have been scientifically formulated to keep the older hens healthy and provide the nutrients they require to continue to produce great tasting eggs.

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Product Description

In addition, this feed contains essential oils including oregano, cinnamon and capsicum that aids in digestive health and wellbeing of the birds.

Delivery available in Bulk Bags, Bulk or Bulk Auger Truck into Silo.

Custom formulations are available upon request.

  • Feed Golden Yolk Layer Econo pellets ad-lib from 56 weeks and onwards until depletion (end of lay).
  • Allow 130-140 grams per hen per day.
  • Keep feed fresh and ensure feeding containers are kept clean.
  • Ensure that birds have access to fresh clean water at all times

Typical As Fed Analysis*
Protein 14.5%

*Analysis may vary slightly due to grain variances beyond our control.