Spring Pellets

Denver Spring is a cost effective ration providing essential macro and trace minerals. Predominantly grain based with a minority inclusion of palm kernel, this ration acts as a good all-rounder to be fed as a supplement along with pasture and other forages.

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Product Description

The inclusion of molasses ensures the palatability is very good for fussy cows. Being pelletised you can be sure that wastage is kept to a minimum and your cows will get accurate levels of minerals in every feed.

Delivery available in Bulk or Bulk Auger Truck into Silo.

Suitable to be fed to lactating ruminant animals.

  • Typical feed rates 2-4 kg per head a day. Introduce Denver Spring gradually to allow digestive systems to adjust to the higher starch intake.
  • Mineral inclusion has been formulated to accommodate 2 kg/head/day.
  • Animals should always have access to a quality fibre such as hay, chaff, pasture or silage to maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • Fresh clean water must be available at all times.
  • Must be fed in a controlled manner.

Typical Dry Matter Analysis
Protein 13%

*Analysis may vary slightly due to grain variances beyond our control.

Custom formulations available upon request.

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  • Bovatec®
  • Toxin Binders
  • NutriPlex Organic Trace Minerals
  • Zinc Oxide